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Church Information



Natural Law Church of Health and Healing


Land Jurisdiction of Planet Earth

Physical Address:

Private residence in the land mass known as Yuma County, Arizona, in the American Continent

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Founded:               June 25, 2016

Live @ WWWeb:   July 1, 2016 

Live @ YouTube:  July 9, 2016

Title of Principal:    Pastor

Church Pastor:       Ricardo Beas Velasco

Church Secretary:  Ricardo Beas Velasco

Church Treasurer:  Ricardo Beas Velasco

NLC News Chief Correspondent: Ricardo Beas Velasco

Members of the Church:         

Ricardo Beas Velasco et al

Disciples of the Church:

Followers of our Church

– Who firmly believe in the Teachings of our Church

– Whose sincerely held Religious Beliefs are in harmony with the Religious Beliefs of this Church


  • To reunite and protect God’s Children from evil men who are attempting to defile our human body, which is God’s Temple, as well as our minds and souls.
  • Provide guidance to awakened Children of God, and to help awaken others, to help them become followers and Disciples of the Teachings of Jesus Christ; to return them to God’s flock, to make such teaching their new Religion, their newly found or reaffirmed Religious Beliefs, while maintaining full individual independence from any organization, including this Church’s members, all being subject to corruption by the Children of Evil, who have infiltrated the Land and Sea Jurisdictions of planet Earth, its governments and everything these entities control.
  • To fight legally and through any peaceful means the abuses of our corrupt de facto and de jure governments and those behind them, as well as their pawns
  • We Are Not of Caesar, We Are of God”  –  Pastor Ricardo