The Natural Law Church of Health and Healing is dedicated to God and the exposure of all evil affecting His Children, including but not limited to harmful vaccines, Toxic GeoEngineering, and the suppression of unorthodox medical treatments that have cured thousands, as presented, among other places, in our Church’s website,   

We have the duty to tell the truth and search for it wherever it may be. To that effect, our church has its own journalistic reporting office, providing press services, where we gather, research, write, edit, file, publish, and broadcast news stories to our followers, Members, Disciples, and to the world at large, through our newsletters, radio interviews, television appearances, video recordings, our website, and through postings in multiple social media outlets. All this information is disseminated free of charge to the public.

Our church will publish, among other things, documents obtained from government and quasi-government agencies through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, including from the FDA, HHS, NIH, and the CDC, as well as other local, county, state, and federal executive, legislative, and judicial branches, agencies, and departments.

Our Church’s freelance writers, investigators, analysts, reporters, and journalists are researching and working for free and out of dedication and service to God, and they and our Church have the legal right to publish and disseminate information, thoughts, and opinions without restraint, as is guaranteed under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as implied in the Declaration of Independence, and as is reflected in the Holy Bible, which is the true Law of the Land.

Pastor Ricardo Beas is our Church’s Chief Correspondent and is to be given free media access to all documents, to all areas, gatherings, events, presentations, video conferences, or the like, as would be granted to any other mainstream media outlets’ reporters, like those from NCB, CNN, and Fox News.

For any question regarding our free press operations, please contact us at: 

Natural Law Church News Office