Participation in Church

Participation in Church

The Natural Law Church of Health and Healing just requires one thing of its Disciples: Their dedication to the principles and philosophy of the Church, which includes and is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Our Church is a Non-Profit gathering of bodies, minds, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, souls, spirits and actions, which we call Church Members and Disciples, as described in our website, all natural-born men, women and children created by God.

This Church is internet-based, and therefore there are no pre-established weekly or monthly gatherings, no requirements to visit our website periodically or the like. All information is shared by the Church through the Church’s blog and through emails to all and individual Members, Disciples, and persons joining the mailing list. Disciples can contact the Church directly for any guidance, assistance or any matter of interest to the Disciple. 

The Church expects its Disciples, as did Jesus of His Disciples, not to worry about our organization and our efforts to spread the Word of God, but to be independent and simply apply all the principles of the Church in the Disciples’ life and to share that information with others for their own spiritual growth. It is up to the Disciple to determine which person he/she wants to invite to join our Church. 

Our Church is NOT responsible for any and all unlawful or immoral personal actions committed by any Church Disciple, were the Disciple to go against any of the teaching of Jesus Christ or this Church, or for any other reason. Any such actions will result in such Disciples’ suspension as a Disciple of the Church. 

FEES: There are no initial or annual fees to become a Disciple of the Church, it is free of charge for life and all persons of all ages of true good moral character are welcome to join and follow our Church’s Christian principles and values. Simply follow the instructions noted in our webpage tab Become a Disciple

DONATIONS: The Church does not request, expect or require any one-time or periodic donation from any of its Disciples; it is self-funded by its Members. If you wish to donate any money to the Church to help with its expenses and efforts please contact Pastor Ricardo directly using the Contact page, at