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The Establishment, via their controlled media outlets, is quick to call something a “Conspiracy” or declare someone a “Conspiracy Theorist” whenever such belief or person goes against the grain of the lies perpetrated by the Status Quo/Establishment/Puppet Masters. No matter how difficult to believe, it is your duty to do your own research to see if (1) the Establishment is right, or (2) if they are trying to deceive you – harming you, your family, and in some cases, the whole of humanity in the process.

I would suggest you start below with President John F. Kennedy’s warning speech exposing the global, secret conspiracy (including the Communist threat), to enslave the world, followed by President George Bush Sr’s speech confirming his plans to establish a New World Order. Once this sinks in, it makes it easier to consider other True Conspiracies — It usually only takes opening one door for the rest to swing open in your mind. Good luck on your research … and  TURN YOUR TV BRAINWASHING MACHINE OFF WHILE YOU DO!      — Ricardo Beas

John F. Kennedy’s Warning Speech on the Global Conspiracy (starts at 5:30)

President George Bush Sr. on the New World Order

Noam Chomsky: The De Facto World Government

Psywar, the movie. In 8 parts

Aaron Russo Interview regarding the New World Order

Aaron Russo Movie — America: Freedom To Fascism

The Microchip – RFID: Radio Frequency Identification

The Amero

George Carlin Nails It – Education

History of the Rockefeller Empire’s Attack on Humanity

9/11 – Loose Change, the Movie, Final Cut

Vaccine Nation – The Movie


   — The Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones 


  Murals at Denver Airport – Part 2

Dead Harvest – Orchestrated Drought in California

Fall of the Republic – The Movie

Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death — 1/10

The Complicit Media: The Harry Hoxsey Stor y (@ min 2:50)

MMS – Jim Humble – Project Camelot Interview

DMSO – 60 Minutes Documentary, in three parts

Mercury’s Effect On The Brain

The Royal Rife Story – scroll down on page

Zeitgeist III

The Empire of “The City”

The Arab Spring – F. William Engdahl

John Lennon: on Peace and Man 

Stan Meyer’s Water Powered Buggy  

Troy Reed’s Magnetic Motor 

History of the World – The Earth’s Religious and Political Power Structures, Then and Now – by Pastor Ricardo Beas 

Papal Bull 1493

Hammurabi’s Code

Chief Seattle Letter to the President (1852)

The Magna Carta

The Habeas Corpus Act 

Pastor Ricardo Beas’ Letter to Pope Francis Regarding Vaccination and Toxic GeoEngineering

The Law – Walt P. Mann III, part 1

The Law – Walt P. Mann III, part 2

Anna Von Reitz – on De Jure vs. De Facto Law (Land vs. Sea Jurisdiction)


Note: The video links are often checked to ensure they are still available. If they are not, it is encouraged that you search YouTube using the reference provided. Some links will open a PDF file on the net or will download an MS Word version of the document.


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Ricardo Beas

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