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Our Church is NOT responsible for any and all unlawful or immoral personal actions committed by any Church Member or Disciple, were the Member or Disciple to go against any of the Teaching of Jesus Christ or this Church, or for any other reason. Any such actions will result in such person’s suspension as a Member or Disciple of the Church.

Pastor Ricardo Beas Velasco’s Personal Disclaimer: I have neither financial interest nor a business relationship with any person mentioned in any of my TheNaturalLawChurch.com or CafePeyote.com websites’ pages, except as it pertains to our Church. The videos and articles referenced therein are the sole responsibility of their creators. I do not necessarily agree with, endorse or hold as a fact any or all information provided therein, nor is it intended as legal or medical advice. I am not a doctor, nor do I have any medical background; nor am I an attorney or have practiced law. All statements are made based on my reading, viewing, and interpretation of such materials as noted above and herein.

The Church’s teachings and its organization, a God-inspired Church and an expression of God, including its Members and Disciples, are separate from the natural-born man known as Ricardo Beas Velasco and may or may not agree with his writings and thoughts at www.TheNaturalLawChurch.com and www.CafePeyote.com; therefore, the Church is only responsible for materials and information provided through the Church’s official website at  www.TheNaturalLawChurch.com, main tabs titled Natural Law Church, and Join Church .

Ricardo Beas Velasco personally finances these domains and the services that hosts them in the internet and allows the church to operate therein at no expense, as a donation and in service to God. 

In other words, our Church uses the CafePeyote.Com domain and the church website simply to minimize the expenses to the Church, such  websites voluntarily offered in good faith by Ricardo Beas Velasco and accepted by the Church in the same manner.

All the information provided by this website is made accessible to you here in order for you to consider it and come to your own findings of fact and conclusions, including those of law, and to decide what is right for you and your loved ones in order to preserve your health and freedom, and how you can better serve and obey God, our Father, Our Ocean.

Pastor Ricardo Beas

A Child of God – Not a Fictitious Entity or Legal Fiction