Church Principles

Church Principles


  • Love God and ourselves
  • Love, protect and guide God-fearing natural-born men and women, and all of God’s creatures, including  our environment
  • Respect non-God-fearing human beings, while not letting them corrupt our body and/or soul in any way
  • Protect our body from substances that may be introduced against our and God’s will and injected into a human being’s body, such as vaccines, or exposure to radiation in any way, which aside from any harmful contents and adverse effects, avoid God’s natural bodily filtering organs, processes and the immune systems’ defenses against injury and disease, such as when substances are introduced into the body through the digestive system as opposed to injection.
  • Defend ourselves from any corrupted evil human beings that, for whichever misguided purpose, (1) want to defile our body and corrupt our minds, God’s Temple, in any way, promoting and forcing supposed medications,  orthodox medical treatments and vaccination upon us which are toxic and are contaminated with such things as aborted (dead and preserved alive) fetal cell lines; (2) are destroying the world through contamination of our natural resources, affecting air, land and sea; (3) are contaminating God’s natural foodstuffs through Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s); and (4) are discrediting, attacking, jailing and killing any person involved (as promoter, seller or user) in any unorthodox medical treatment, or who confirms that vaccines cause autism. We believe in Natural Immunity and the protection of God.


The Natural Law Church of Health and Healing (hereinafter the Church) is based on the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ through the Bible’s New Testament. As with the Catholic church and other Bible/Christian-based churches around the world, who focus their teachings and actions on certain aspects of Jesus’ teachings, so to our Church focuses on the well-being of its members through avoidance of unnatural toxic substances that are being pushed and forced upon human beings by government agencies heavily funded, bribed and bought by Big Pharma.

Because our foundation is Bible-based on Jesus Christ’s Universal Teaching of love and protection of ourselves and the environment, so long as you follow those principles in your own existing church or religious organization, you can still become a member of our Church, as our beliefs are the same, with only the special focus noted above. You do not have to leave your present church or congregation; by joining us you are simply expanding and making clear your obligation to comply with God and protect your body, your Temple. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17.

Thus, you can be a Disciple of our Church (see Church Disciples and Becoming a Disciple), regardless of your existing religious practices, and can continue to practice your religion as you presently do, making our Church’s teachings your newly found religion, resulting in your new seriously held religious belief, a clearer understanding of your obligations towards God as regards your health.

Even when a Church Disciple believes that, for example, Jesus Christ is the only Son Of God and the only way to salvation, the underlying principles of that religion compared with others are the same as to the following all encompassing summarized 4 commandments of God:

(1) Love God

(2) Love yourself

(3) Love you neighbor, and

(4) Love and protect God’s creation

Such Basic Principles are well established and as long as you follow these, regardless of your present religious inclinations, you reflect the principles of the Church, are not in conflict with any of our core fundamental religious beliefs and are welcome to join us.

The subset of beliefs that derive from such Basic Principles, like observing the Sabbath by the Jews, doing ritual daily Islamic prayers, the Krishna vegetarian diet, the Buddhist practice of meditation, the Catholic reverence to the Virgin Mary, etc., these practices are just traditions that have developed in each religion as a way to Love, Honor and Obey God, as best they could. Many of these traditions where not a commandment of God, but one of those religions disciple’s interpretation of the words of those that taught them, all subject to the limitations of each individual human mind and the corruption of the dark forces. 

We must never forget that God is perfect, but man is not. Man is easily set astray by the negative spiritual forces of selfishness, ambition, self-indulgence, corruption, supremacy, power, hatred, envy, destruction, barbarism and complete disrespect and abuse of God’s creation. This are the things we must fight against every day.

We have seen what such corrupt barbaric evil power and influence can do in such things as in the enslavement of men from the times of Hammurabi to our present day in its innovated versions (like the 8 hour work day), the crucifixions by the Romans, the Crusades and the Inquisition of the Catholic church, the massacre of Native Americas and Mexican civilizations when America was, not discovered but invaded and pillaged by the European nations, the horrors of the Nazi regime, and now the full ruthless, war mongering, terror inspiring global control of all activity, the ultimate enslavement of all of mankind, which the conqueror’s own representatives call “The New World Order“. 

All faiths,  Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Native American, etc., are welcome and invited to join us without charge or donations to spread our message of natural health and healing and a rejection of toxic substances whose sole purpose is to make profits for its manufacturers, as the overwhelming evidence shows.

We hold that no Earthly government has jurisdiction over our Church and our Disciples’ bodies, minds, souls and spirits, as well as their property, as we are Children of God, and not creatures and artificial entities created by government decree, as such creatures and entities are fictions of the State, separate from Natural Born Human Beings who worship God, such as we, the Disciples of our Church.

Our Church rejects any person from any faith or religion based on the principles of Satanism, of lies and deceit, of abuse and corruption, of  harm and exploitation of other humans and our environment, of uncontrolled consumerism and submission to the forces of darkness, as we are instructed to do in the New Testament.

WARNING: The Church and its Disciples, together and/or separately, will take all necessary legal action against any and all institutions, associations, establishments, corporations, any sort of fictitious entity, any government agency, national or international, and any and all persons representing them, including civil and criminal prosecution as “Private Persons” for violation of this Church and its Disciples’ God-given, Natural, Common Law, State and Federal Constitutional and International rights in any shape or form, whether by actions and/or inactions by the parties noted above. 


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

— The Bible, Genesis 1:1 

Our Bible-based beliefs tell us that God created the Universe, Earth included. This is not a new concept for humanity. Many other cultures and civilizations’ religious and historical literature throughout history tell us the same thing, from Africa, India, Europe and America.

So we ask ourselves as we navigate our lives: Who or what is God? Based on all the religious writings, God is everything, in His multiple manifestations, all essence, all substances, in all dimensions, He is the energy, the Ying and Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine; He is the force that moves the clockwork of the universe as He Is the Universe, the spirit, the intelligent energy we call God, our Lord, and rightfully so. 

If God created man (Genesis 1:24-27), then He had to create man from His own essence, the vibrational energy/matter/anti-matter that we individually call “our body and our life” and that we collectively call “the human experience,” which is now the social experiment of men of great global wealth and power, the enemies of God, against which we have to defend, as commanded by God Himself:

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places  … Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.”

— Ephesians 6:10-12, 16

“And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto His heavenly Kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

— 2 Timothy 4:18

So who or what is God, and who are we? Based on the above, if we were to express this in its simplest terms, we could say that …

  • God is the ocean and the ocean is God
  • Which energy He moves and controls at His will
  • And each one of us is but a drop of that Ocean
  • With the same potential qualities and characteristics of God
  • Never the part being above the whole
  • We being under the control of His waves
  • We, a drop of the ocean, being nothing without Him
  • And for which we need to join Him in harmony 

We read in religious scripture that God is eternal, is just, that He loves and takes care of His creation; therefore, it would be impossible to think that only those people that lived in one country and in a particular period of time would be the only ones saved by following the Word of God. God’s arm are extended for all to rejoin Him.

There are many religions that are represented by men that came to talk to us about God and His Divine Law. Yet, no disciple, prophet, or so-called Son of God has expressed these principles better than Jesus Christ, through His teachings, His examples, His kindness, and His sacrafice, despite of being despised and attacked by the controlling powers of His time and all their minions, the powers of Darkness that have tempted and deceived humanity through its evolution until present times in order to enslave us. Nothing has changed. If anything, with the technology of the day, Children of God are even less able to keep the enemy at bay.

Jesus asks us not only to be good, but to spread The Good News to others and to protect them. Because of this, our Church Members and Disciples, being God created Natural Born men and women, have a spiritual obligation to guide and attempt to save mankind from evil, which includes physical, mental and spiritual sickness induced by so-called medications and treatments, such as vaccines, forced upon us by such dark forces in order to control the world. In this respect, followers of our Church, Members and Disciples alike, are encouraged and required to do the following:

  • Do Good Deeds towards others
  • Always do what is right
  • Promote good health for themselves, their families and humanity
  • Promote prosperity, individualism and freedom for humanity
  • Enlighten others with the truth, in all its forms
  • Defend and fight against evil men and their organizations and evil governments


The Sacraments of the Catholic Church include the Eucharist, where the devoted follower consumes the Communion Bread (Latin: Hostia), which has been consecrated by the Priest. The Roman Catholic church teaches that once the bread is consecrated, the bread is changed into the Body of Christ, giving the believer direct contact with God, His love, His blessing and his protection: to be in Communion with God.

In the same manner, the Natural Law Church of Health and Healing, its Pastor, Members and Disciples, believe that God gives us blessings and protection by providing us in nature certain foods, plants, vitamins, minerals, herbs and all remedies needed by our bodies (see Genesis 1:29-30, Genesis 9:3, Ezekiel 47:12, Psalms 104:14) in order to protect God’s Temple: our body, mind and soul (see 1 Corinthians 6:19, 1 Corinthians 3:16-17).

By eating and consuming such remedies we obtain good health so we can receive the Spirit and Love of God, to serve Him and His Children, including our own. Thus, these remedies are our Church’s Sacraments which help us be in Communion with God.


Story behind the drawing above. Several months before the beginning of the COVID-19 Plandemic, on one particular occasion I felt overwhelmed with frustration seeing that no matter what I did and what other activists did to expose the vaccine fraud, that we were just being crushed and deplatformed on social media and for the first time consider quitting from my fight. The next day, or very shortly thereafter, I received the above drawing out of the blue from a person I never met, who read some inspiring translations into Spanish that I did about 20 years earlier related to spiritual growth. This is a wonderful example of God, working in His mysterious ways, reminding me that I too have to be willing to work hard and to dedicate my life for the Children of God. And continue fighting I shall, for the Glory of God!