Church Disciples

Church Disciples

We live in a world filled with confusion, turned upside-down by the evil forces that control it. Our American society has become intolerant of others, confusing freedom and democracy with a right to do what one wants and to sue anyone that disagrees or interferes with such an egoistic point of view.

When planning the establishment of this Church it was clear that technically calling any person joining or following the Church a “Member” that this had legal implications that went beyond the intent of the principles of this Church. For example, anything that the Pastor could personally do to harm others could be used to sue any and all Members, as a group. The same would apply to any Member wrongdoing being applied against the rest of the Membership.

Because of this, our Church has decided to minimize Membership to only a few well-trusted persons but is accepting Disciples to follow the teaching of our Church, without putting the Church, its Members or its Disciples in any legal predicament, if legal action were to take place.

To become a Church Disciple, you have to follow the following rules:

– Register to become a Disciple

– Do your best to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ in this corrupt world

– Abide by the principles and teachings of this Church

– Continue membership with any existing religious organizations of your choice so long as there is no contradiction between both faiths

Protect your body from vaccination, radiation and other toxic orthodox methods of medication

-Inform others of the harm of the above medical treatments

– Defend people’s right to decide their health options and medications

– Apply to become a Disciple and print your Disciple I.D. card (as may be needed)

– Protect and defend yourself and others against evil men and governments

– Love God, yourself and all creation with all your heart


The Natural Law Church of Health and Healing, its Pastor, Members, and Disciples, hereinafter The Church, are not responsible for the actions of any Church Disciples that do not follow the principles and policies of our Church. All Disciples are encourage and expected to act in a manner that is consistent with the Word of God and his commandment.

Pastor Ricardo Beas has authorized a chapter of this Church to be opened in Hawaii. This organization goes by the name of “The Mystics of the Heart” and is run by Stefanie Nolff, who follows the teachings of our Church. Our church is not directly or indirectly associate in the operations of this chapter, nor does our Church receive any sort of monetary or financial compensation from their activities. Stefanie is responsible for any and all of the activities of her organization and its administrators and members, who are expected to follow the principles and policies of our Church. Our Church was told and expects that the purpose of such organization is to help Children of God live in harmony with nature and the Law of God. Our Church takes no responsibility for the actions of Stefanie and her organization and all questions regarding their operations should be directed to her, at [email protected]. Here is a link to her invitation for those that would like to visit: The Mystics of the Heart Retreat.