I have just release my new video, Eleanor Rigby, the first cover song I have ever produced. I am very happy with the outcome and thank Luis Elorza and Paco Elorza for their excellent work in interpreting my song instrumentally. Here is the link:


Best wishes,



Hello everyone,

I am excited to tell you that I have finished my tribute to The Beatles, releasing my version of their song Eleanor Rigby. In a few days the video will be coming out on YouTube. But for now, go to the Music tab and download the song free.

Thank you for your support and friendship!





Next weekend, on Saturday June 9th, a member of our Occupy San Diego movement, Women Occupy San Diego, will be hosting the Occupy Our Arts event in downtown San Diego’s Civic Center/Freedom Plaza. It is intended as a family event and we hope you can join us for should be an inspiring experience. I will be playing at around 12:30 PM. All the Info follows. See you there.



‘Occupy OUR Arts’: A Celebration of the 99% Culture and Creative Arts is a FREE, Family Friendly, San Diego Community Event. The Art of We The People will be happening on SATURDAY, JUNE 9th from 10:00AM – 6:00PM at FREEDOM PLAZA (Civic Center Plaza, Downtown), 3rd. Avenue between ‘B’ and ‘C’ Streets.  WOSD (Women Occupy San Diego)  will be hosting this PERMITTED event honoring our First Amendment Rights through freedom of creative expression.
WOSD will be sharing another side of our Occupy Movement, one focused on our creative arts and culture by having a fun-filled day bringing families of the 99% together.  The atmosphere of our permitted event will be festive, fun, creative, interactive, and inclusive of many art forms.  It is an all day event with 2 Stages featuring diverse performances of music, dance, street theater, acrobats, comedy and spoken word. Local visual artists will share their creativity through a variety of art forms; sidewalk chalk drawing, painting, street art, multi-media, sculpture and photography. Families will have many interactive opportunities in the Children’s Peace Garden of Creative Arts including music, dance, ecological projects, face painting, creating arts and crafts, a special Children’s Parade and many more surprises.
Co-Sponsors, Endorsers and members of the San Diego Creative Arts Community supporting the right to freedom of creative expression include: Peace Resource Center, Midcity CAN (Community Advocacy Network), National Lawyers Guild, Canvas For A Cause, KARAMA – (Arab & Islamic World Information Project), ‘Apply Liberally Enterprises’ and ‘Home of Oasis House Concerts’, Activist San Diego, Art Academy of San Diego,  ‘Art Of Pride’, San Diego Alliance For Marriage Equality, ‘Page To Stage: Women’s Poetry ’,  Noel-Baza Fine Art Gallery in Little Italy, Moxie Theater and more.
WOSD –  would love to have you be a part of our 99% Celebration on SATURDAY, JUNE 9TH, 2012. For more information about ‘Occupy OUR Arts’, please contact Wendy Sue [email protected] 

Cafe Peyote Project Update 

Last Wednesday’s Occupy San Diego Unity Concert was a great success for Cafe Peyote. After the show I had several people approach me with very positive comments. I have since corresponded with several of them and here are a couple of the remarks they have made about my presentation:

– I was blown away by your work and have replayed your music many times and referred many people to it… Absolutely excellent work, and highly appropriate for events we may be holding in the future, such as rallies, etc. You can expect me to pester you about coming to those. 

– Loved your music and visuals.

I think Cafe Peyote finally found its main audience in the Occupy movement due to my overall message of peace and freedom. Thanks to these new friends the following things have happened:

– I’ve been invited to play tomorrow in a Shut Down San Onofre rally (not confirmed yet, being short notice).

– They will be playing my songs in talk radio between shows.

– Air progressive will be interviewing me regarding my project and message.

– I was asked to provide my videos without vocals so others can play and sing along with it. For now I have uploaded Break The Chains And Occupy backing tracks on my YouTube page.

– They will be playing my songs in progressive radio, which is about to go on the air.

– I will be playing at the Occupy Our Arts Celebration on June 9th at the San Diego Civic Center/Freedom Plaza, a family event.

I am very excited, to say the least. Adding to that I also have the gig at The Go Lounge on May 17th. 

Let’s see where this takes me, as this has the potential of being a good or bad thing, or both, for me personally. Well, I guess, as long as something good comes out of it for everyone, it was worth it. That has always been the intent.

Oh, and Charlie Muñoz, thank you very much for your always unwavering support. Gracias Amigo! And thanks for the invite Nikki.


Dear Friends,


The Occupy movement continues hard trying to do their best to organize and take concrete actions. On Black Friday weekend many called for a boycott on buying at large corporate stores. I wrote several of the groups to help and at least Occupy Portland added my video “Consumer Joe” to one of their blogs.


Occupy is being heavily targetted now in most cities by the police and are finding it hard to continue to coordinate this movement. I am pitching in. I wrote a song in 2006 called “Don’t Confuse Liberty” and will offer it to the various Occupy entities as I was told by staff that the movement was looking for an anthem, and the person I corresponded with loved the song. I added a chorus in the form of a chant and renamed the song to reflect the chant:   — Break The Chains And Occupy.  The cries you will hear are from the recent UC Davis pepper spray incident.


Also, please check out the Occupy San Diego webpage for news on what is happening locally and help where you can. Visit at least once.This is not their fight, it is everybody’s fight!


Don’t Do It For You and Me, Do It For Those That Will Come. They Will Inherit What We Leave Behind


                    — You Decide, from Cafe Peyote


Best wishes,



The Cafe Peyote project will be featured in two local radio stations: 

In San Diego’s KPRI, 102.1 FM, on Sunday November 6th starting at 8:00 PM on “The Homegrown Hour” hosted by Cathryn Beeks. The will most like feature my song “The Common Law.”

In Tijuana, university radio Fusion, 102.5 FM, hosted by Carlos Duarte, on Monday November 7th. This will be an interview starting at 9:00 PM.

I hope you are able to tune in, especially for the Interview.

Best wishes.


My Tocayo has always told me that in life we always do what is better for our own interests first, and he may be right. 


But things don’t always go the way we expect them or want them to happen, believe me!


In love sometimes it’s the same. How many people could be married today not to their first choice, but to their second, if not fifth?


My new Spanish song, Mirame, is dedicated to those that were not the first choice.


Go to the Music section to download the song for free (limited time only).  I have also included an English translation of the song below.


Please go to my site’s Guestbook and let me know what you think. Suggestions are always appreciated. Enjoy!




Look (this way), here I am
Think carefully about who I am.
I am desperate
And the night isn’t over
I don’t know what is happening
I am all by myself   
I remember those times
I can’t forget them
And I cannot imagine myself all alone  
I don’t know what I did
I don’t know where I failed
Forgive me if I’m not him, him  
You tell me to forget the past
That everything has changed
Things can never be the same  
But I don’t agree
I am in love
And that is what should count  
Love me again
Don’t forget the past
Get close to me  
Maybe tomorrow will come 
Maybe everything will be the same
But remember that
Everything depends on you  
The sea of uncertainty
Is taking you in its current
Fight against it
And get close to me  
Convince yourself that I am
The man that you expected would come
For you  
Look at me (Mirame)

Greetings everyone,


My recent article on my correspondence with Professor Noam Chomsky was written in memory of all the victims worldwide of the horrible event we call 9/11, which consequences were not a one day event, but  something everyone has been living with ever since, in one way or the other.


To help us remember just how horrible it was, we even had a warning for that special day about a possible terrorist attack, which was confirmed and not confirmed, both at the same time, just like how they had us going with colors shortly after 9/11.


I’ve been working on my second CD and the first song we produced was We Fail To See, which I believe is appropriate to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. You can download from the Music section.


Sometimes reality can be very obvious, once we remove the filters of external influence.


Best wishes to you and your loved ones.