Pastor’s Prayer

Pastor’s Prayer

Thank you Lord, Universal Ocean of Life

For the place of my birth, perfect for my destiny

For the opportunities that have blessed me

For the influence Jesus’ teachings had on me

For the people that changed my life, forever

For the journeys, always inspiring, in good and bad

For the music that fills my soul

And for my personal pursuit of truth and justice for all

I will always voice my objections to injustice – unless silenced by the Oppressor

I have no plans other than to live – to see the Day of Liberation

Bless and protect me and all Members and Disciples of my Church as we proclaim Your message and protect ourselves from evil men and women that are attempting to force us to poison our mind, our soul, and Our Body, Your Temple. Amen

Ricardo Beas

Pastor and Disciple

Natural Law Church of Health and Healing

July 1, 2016


Pastor Ricardo Beas Prayer at Los Angeles Defeat the Mandates Rally, April 2022